My Favourite Smoothie Recipes
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My Favourite Smoothie Recipes

My Favourite Smoothie Recipes

If you’ve been looking for some new and healthy smoothie recipes look no further. I know being on lock down during the COVID quarantine has given you some time that you can spend in your kitchen. And maybe you’re bored of your current smoothie recipe and are looking for a change. I’m here to help!
These two  smoothies are packed with nutrients and taste great! You’ll be amazed at how fruits and vegetables can taste so good!  The following are two of my favourite smoothies:

Green Smoothie


1 Cup Almond Milk/Cashew Milk or Oat Milk

2 Cups Baby Spinach

2 Large leafs of Kale

1 Ripe Banana

4-5 Pitted Dates

2-4 Table Spoons Hemp Protein (Optional)

Wash your kale and spinach well. Place all the ingredients in blender. Blend and serve!


Fruit Smoothie

1/2 Ripe Papaya

2 Cups Frozen or Fresh Blueberries

1 Ripe Mango

1/2 Cup Fresh, 1 Packet Frozen, or 2 Tablespoons powdered Red Pitaya (Dragon Fruit) (optional).

Add any other fruit of your choice-fresh or frozen.

1/2-1 Cup of Water

Wash all fruits well. Combine all ingredients in blender with 1/2 cup of water. Begin blending and then add more water for desired consistency.



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