Farhan Dhalla | Cancellation Policy
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Cancellation Policy


Dear Valued Client:


Thank you so much for choosing me to assist you on your quest towards becoming/creating your best self. Before we begin, please take a moment to review my cancellation policy outlined below.


First, I want to let you know that this policy is as important for you as it is for me. A strict cancellation policy keeps you accountable and ensures that you keep the commitment to yourself that you have signed up for. The reality is that for most people, exercise is sometimes a ‘chore’. It becomes easy to skip a workout if you’re feeling a bit tired, stressed at work, or need to take care of some things at home. However, when clients know they will be charged for a session if they don’t show up, it forces them to prioritize their health and fitness. More importantly, it is in your best interest to always make your health and welling being your foremost priority. This policy dramatically decreases no-shows, missed workouts, and short-notice cancellations. It is this type of consistency that ensures great results for all clients.


Second, a cancellation policy is also important for business. The average personal training studio can expect to experience a 25-40% cancellation rate of their weekly scheduled appointments. Can you imagine losing 25-40% of your business revenue or income every week? Many personal training studios have failed because they did not understand the nature of our business; the fitness industry is different than most other service industries in that most people will often find convenient ‘excuses’ to get out of a workout. A hair- stylist doesn’t need such a strict policy because most people eagerly anticipate getting their hair done; a massage therapist wouldn’t have to enforce as firm a policy because few people want to miss their massages. These industries don’t suffer from the high rate of cancellations that a personal training business does. When you make an appointment with a trainer, that time is reserved for you. To ensure the best service I can provide for you I spend time preparing for your session, including research, preparing exercise, etc. When a client cancels on short notice, it is very difficult (and many times impossible) for me to make a connection with another client who could possibly take that appointment. That time then becomes lost and the revenue and loss to my income cannot be recovered.


I hope you understand that we spend time regularly discussing this topic because I never want to institute policies that can potentially upset clients. I recognize that as a business my number one priority is customer service, but how is charging a client for an appointment they cannot make a good customer service initiative? At the same time, if I do not have a strict policy, my business does not succeed.

The following is the outlined cancellation policy for Farhan Dhalla:


I understand that Farhan Dhalla, Owner of Commitment to Optimal Health, operates on a scheduled appointment basis for all Private Training sessions and requires that I provide 12 hours notice when cancelling an appointment. No charge will be levied should I cancel with MORE than 12 hours notice given. Should I cancel a session with LESS than 12 hours prior notice, I will be charged in full for that session. I understand that it is recommended that all cancelled sessions be rescheduled to ensure consistency and fitness progress.


As my valued client, my hope is that you will make every effort to provide advanced cancellation and, in the event you have to give short-notice cancellation, you will now understand the terms of my cancellation policy so that incurred charges are clear and understood. Please know that I will make every effort to reschedule your session, no charge, on the same day if your schedule permits. I am also sympathetic and understand that things come up that may force you to cancel unexpectedly (illness, work and home emergencies, etc.). In the event of a short-notice cancellation (less than 12 hours where charges are levied), I will use your session time to do something for you. For example, I may research a health and nutrition topic of interest to you, design a new exercise program, or outline some exercises you can do at home. You can also ask me to work on something specific for you during that time. I want you to understand that when you do have to cancel with less than 12 hours notice, I will use that time for you so it will not be money wasted.


Thank you so much for your understanding. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me directly at: farhandhalla@farhandhalla.com.


Yours truly,

Farhan Dhalla

Transformational Trainer

Farhan Dhalla
Transformational Trainer


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