An Invitation to Your Transformation

Thirty-two years ago, I stepped into a gym at the age of 15 in the hopes to lose weight and get in shape. Looking back it is clear to me that this was all part of a greater plan that set the course of my life’s path and purpose – a career in helping to heal and better the lives of others.

I worked as a Physiotherapist rehabbing and training some of Canada’s most high-profile athletes including gold medal Olympians. And though I recognized the importance of physical maintenance and well-being, I also believed that true healing involved a much deeper connection to the mind, body and spirit.

Meanwhile, I was also pursuing a career in fitness, applying what I learned as a physiotherapist. I achieved the prestigious title of Reebok Master Trainer and International Fitness Presenter. This allowed me to speak and present on some of the world’s largest platforms and inspire, motivate, and educate people globally.

During this time, I had a very deep and personal awakening. Unlike my worldly travels, this led me to a far greater journey, a journey inward. I began to work on my spiritual self and heal some past wounds. One of my many “aha moments” was realizing that as I began to work on my inner self, my physical body and the way in which I experienced the world around me began to positively change.

I realized that no matter how hard I was working out at the gym, the results I wanted only came when I worked to improve my inner self.


And nowhere in the world was anyone teaching this. The fitness industry simply was, and for the most part still, solely emphasizing the physical, or what we see on the outside. Until I had my awakening I was looking for all the answers from the outside rather than the inside. When I bridged the connection between my inner world and my outer world my body and life transformed. And the driving force that changed it all was self-love.

As a result I have developed and created a mind body spirit program like no other. It’s all designed to help you raise your vibrations. When you raise your vibrations your life becomes magic. Everything starts to transform, including the relationship you have with yourself, your loved ones, friends, etc. And you attract many forms of abundance. The possibilities become infinite. The biggest and greatest dreams can become your reality and you become a master manifestor in your life.

This is more than just a program to change your body. It will change your life.

If you really want to change your life (on the outside) you have to be willing to do the inner work. My program guides you to do just that. Your body is always responding to your inner being, healthy or not. I help you to dive in and dig deep. To really have to the body you desire you must be willing to take care of your inner being.
When your inner being is healthy you start to feel better. When you feel better you make healthy choices and your body then starts to positively respond and you also become a magnet for more positivity. This is how transformational training will literally change your life.

This is an invitation to ask you to show up for yourself, to discover your power and potential, and to become the greatest version of you.

Find out more information about my unique approach. I’m so excited about the possibilities I can help you create.

You are enough. Choose you. You matter.
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